Saturday, February 27, 2010

RUMOR has it.....

RUMOR has it, there is some new shit coming out. Keep yours eyes and ears open. Go to this site to find out more in the coming

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Don't know if you have seen this.....but it's dope

PUSHER team rider John Kroesser skating his miniramp back home

Old Aaron Brown Footy

Here is a few older clips of Atlanta PUSHER team rider, Aaron Brown.

Vu Skate shop

New neighborhood PUSHER...'

Gary Smith owns Vu Skate Shop in Baltimore, MD. He carries PUSHER WHEELS and VOYAGE SKATEBOARDS. If you are in the Baltimore area stop in to check out the product. PUSHER and VOYAGE are two Philadelphia brands and we are hyped to have Vu spreading the name farther South.

A few more updates....

This Time Tomorrow video was dope. All the PUSHER and VOYAGE dudes have a bunch of footy in the vid.
Spot On video premiere is coming up in April at EXIT SKATE SHOP. Shit's going to be crazy. Two screens in the shop to view to vid on. Pat Bryan, a close friend of the PUSHER family and a huge fan of our hats is going to have a dope part. Look out for his's a very very good.

Let's see what else......

We have new products out, so go pick em up. If your shop has not ordered PUSHER products yet tell them to quit sleeping and hit us up. As you know, "We Got What You Need"

One more thing.....

F**k this snow. I can't believe more is coming tomorrow and Tuesday


These are the 2010 wheel and clothing catalogs. Tell your local shop to hit us up for orders. If you are in the Philadelphia area go to NOCTURNAL and EXIT to pick this stuff up. They are the first to get it.