Monday, July 26, 2010

Broad Street Bullies Are Back

Philly has seen many skateboarders with talent. John Kroesser and Brian Wenning killed it and still kill it on multiple levels. They are good friends who were here for a pivotal time in our city’s skate history. This is a brief interview that Wenning did with Kroesser for the PUSHER site. John was the first person I picked to represent PUSHER and it’s for good reason. He’s not only my friend, but he rips, stays true to his word, and he is a down-for-life skateboarder. There is no BS with John; just go to Wedgewood in PA and see how much he cares about skating and how hard he shreds. Big thanks to Kroesser and Wenning for sitting down and putting out some good content involving two Philly skate scene killers. Read up kids, hope you enjoy it.
- Rob

July 25 at 12:56pm
1. Brian Wenning-
Ok ok number one here we go !!! Now why do people in Jersey think your name is John Slammer [krusher]? Not John Kroesser? Krush or slam; I like Slammer ...
Do you slam 40 oz. King Cobras or are you a bra like the Jersey Shore show? Or is it my friends just fuckin' with you?

John Kroesser- It's probably Jersey heads tryin’ to get an upper hand on me because we have no circles here in the state of PA. No king Cobras or Snookie tan here. Actually, my last name has been mispronounced my entire life. In the Barcelona "streets" video, it said Kroessesser. Now that I’m thinking of that, my friend Euro-John had a flick in some Euro mag, but it said my name [instead of his]. Hahaha, thanks Euro

BW- So, What’s up with this Philly Fanatic radio show buffoonery video you did? That vid made me laugh out made me happy. Did you win the damn contest or what? Because c’mon that shit was dope…

JK- I Did not win the tickets; and the Flyers also lost the next game to knock them out of the Stanley Cup. I'm a big time Philly sports fan since day one. I think being from Philly it’s born in you. Yeah that idea was thought of that same day. I scared the shit out of little kids in the city; skating around looking like a complete maniac.

BW- Speaking of that Flyers video ...didn't a young lad named the Wax Goblin film it? I recently came to Philly and this Goblin' got like ten nick names. Not only that, he met one of my homegirls off facebook? Sup with this bluntsliding maniac, tell me about this guy? He seems like a chipper young lad and tell him I got some lynx for his waxin’ ass.

JK- This guy's name is actually Brian. I don't think I've called him that once. And yes, the dude is a straight up a “wax goblin”. I don't know what I missed, but it became ok to wax the fucking piss out of a ledge? The goblin has sent me limping my ass home numerous times. Ya know, first trick of the day being sent to the ground car-wreck style, because the shit is so waxed up. But the dude is cool, he’s my homie.

BW- Alright on a serious note, how was it growing up in the Philly area when u were young? Like the Love Park real deal times ya know?

JK- Love park. Haha. I believe you know a little about the place BW. Yeah man, shit was insane. The first time I ever went there, Stevie came right up to me and kicked it for a minute. Kalis tre-flipping up the block every try. You Brian Wenning, switch back tail big spins on the main ledge 4 outta 5 times. Love park is and will always be my favorite place to skate on this Earth.

BW- Why do you always have a 40 oz in ya hand when I see you John?

JK- Cuz I'm trying to get a promotion!

BW- Has Kerry’s board ever hit you or flew past your head when he's in a rage?

JK- Hahaha. Never got to me. But, if you watch Gee's video BroCam, you will see Kerry slamming his board right next to me. I have a “I just shit myself” look on my face. Shit is hilarious. He'll freak out and then talk so mellow after that shit. Nothin’ but love for Kerry

BW- Speaking of our good ol’ pal Kerry ...remember the TF days?!!!! What’s your favorite memories of that place homie?

JK- Damn. There are so many. I used to go to that place every single day. That place was seriously my winter home. One of the most memorable moments was when someone took the meanest dump of this century in a toilet that could not flush. That fucker smelled to the point of vomiting [instantly] for about 4 months.

BW- What’s your take on the new scene in Philly?

JK- Shit man. It is what it is. Skateboarding has changed. Philly is pretty good about weeding out fake people. We got some real talent here. People that are at the front line that I see coming up are Kyle Nicholson, Tom Asta, The Godfather, and Jimmy McDonald.

BW- What do you do for bread? Explain that nowadays it aint easy. I know u bust yo ass workin' and skatin’…which some rich kids couldn't ever imagine.

JK- Well throughout my derelict childhood of skateboarding I always knew I needed to have a plan to get money. I went to school to work on cars and that's what I do on the reg.

BW- Last one....I love ya man, no homo. I paid for a hotel in Cali for me n’ you for a week...get me back on that homie. Just take me to Dave and Busters and we'll kick it and have big-kid playground time. No homo again

JK- Yo for sure! hahaha

Monday, July 19, 2010


Nelly put together a real sick clip. We should all get him to burn Street files to a DVD, cuz so far it's sick. Good job Mundo