Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Photos of Interest

With skateboarding tricks ("moves" as some say) getting downright dangerous and life threatening it's becoming apparent that I care more for photos as I get older. Video is tight, don't get me wrong, but photos just hold a lot more interest these days. Maybe it's because we are bombarded by nonsense on every tube-channel imaginable. The photos that really get me stoked these days are ones of simple tricks but with the double exposure action and usually a fisheye of some sort involved. Here is one of my all-time favorite photos of a man who is definitely a huge inspiration to my skateboarding, Mr. Karl Watson. This flick is almost 20 years old at this point. Then there is one recently shot of Pusher team rider and one of my best friends in the world Ricky Geiger. This photo was shot by our good buddy Zander Taketomo. It's kind of cool to see a recent shot that takes it back to a style that was very prevalent in the mid 90's. I'd like to see more of this stuff, because too often people forget how crazy skateboarding really is. Think about it; what we do, even the simplest of tricks is pretty nuts compared to what most normal people do in their lives. Classic tricks, done right, that's what matters. Not some flip in to grind on a rail-of-doom into a bank that let's you out into on-coming traffic...or some stupid gold spray-painted rail in the middle of a struggling city arena fighting for relevance.
-Pusher Rob