Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Mark Del Negro Interview

I've known Mark for a long time. I remember seeing him kill it at Woodward as a little kid back in about 98'. We didn't know each other back then, but I knew he ripped and since then over the years he's always been super cool and super good at skating. From the Boarderline Skatepark days back in West Chester to 7th Street now, Mark has always been a great homie to skate and talk shit with. All along the way Mark has made style #1 priority in his skating. The footage over the years speaks for itself. The following is an interview we did last month to give you all a little insight into what Mark has been up to. Enjoy.

Mark, what have you been up to as of recent? How's winter been for you?
Coolin' man, just counting down the days till' spring arrives. Been working as much as possible and trying to skate when there isn't a foot of snow on the ground.  I don't mind winter too much; it's all apart of the game living here so I just let Mother-Nature do her work and go with it.

Any trips planned for Spring or Summer? NYC? DC? Or somewhere totally off the skate grid?
Nothing crazy but yeah hopefully once the weather is good I'll adventure out.   New York,  Baltimore, and maybe Boston at least once this summer.  It’s tight because Delaware is between everything which makes it a little easier to do little trips. 

I know you and Tommy Zhoa have been working on the Legion of Sorts video, right?
Yeah it is called Something Sinister, which is actually dropping this month.Tommy and the crew been putting in serious work.

How was your 6 month stay in China/Vietnam in 2012?  
Spent 5 months non-stop skating, traveling to different cities, and meeting new people.  It was amazing.  Then I did a month long bike trip in Vietnam which was an adventure of a life time.  Didn't know if I was going to make out alive some days during that, but it was super rad. It was sick to get away from the norm and adventure out to some new shit. A good eye opener for sure.

Was that the best skate trip you have been on or are there others that stand out above that one?
The China trip was for sure heavy, but I can't consider it the best because any skate trip to me is awesome.  One that stands out to me still to this day is when me and my friend Zach drove across the country and literally listened to Peedi Crakk from Delaware to Cali. That shit was sick. 

You're also working on the Kinetic Skate Shop video too, right?
Yes, it’s in the works as we speak. Just going out and watching the younger dudes put in work is making it worthwhile to work on.  Making me feel like a old man! 

Who is filming and editing it?
Jake "Toad" Todd. Its his baby. 

So we can usually find you at 7th Street park; what do you like about that place? What's up with Rodney Square these days?
You get it all there.  From skating the best stuff, to seeing some nutty Wilma people creeping; and best yet its the meet up spot where all the homies shred.  I like it because you’re basically in the middle of no-where.  You drive down some weird ass road to a parking lot surrounded by water and trees, its awesome.  Rodney is still the jump if you skate down town.  I grew up skating that place and still love it to this day.  Sometimes you can skate all day, and sometimes you get the boot in a matter of minutes, but it's nothing serious.  Roll back in 10 minutes and your good.

When your not skating what do you do besides search for the most ignorant music you can possibly find on planet earth?
I like to doodle.  That’s therapy to me.  Put on some crazy rap music and zone out.  Exploring with the homies is always fun.  Walk around in the woods, or a creek, or find some abandon shit to crawl around is always tight.  Sounds weird but yeah I do that when I'm not skating. 

Heard your moving to Philly? Truth or total myth?

Where has travelin' man Willy Akers been?
Last I saw he was in SD.  He's a traveler so its hard to keep up with that dude, but I always see little clips of him killing pools which is awesome.  Love that dude.

You guys in a red beard battle?
Not anymore I had to give up.  He had me beat but it was worth a try.  I grew it out wanting to be Action Bronson for Halloween, but it didn't end up happening; salty.

You've been skating for a long time. When did you start and how has skating changed since you started? How has the scene in our area changed?
I started skating around 96'.  Coming up watching skating it was all about speed, style, and good looking tricks. You didn't see the flip in flip out shit.  It was style when I was coming up and that was fresh to me.  I enjoy that kind of skating to this day and still only 90's parts usually.  Not saying I don't like what’s going on but that’s just what I'm into.  Skating today is so easy for kids its crazy, but its awesome to see how its developed since then.  Not saying I'm some OG or something, but I've seen a lot coming up and how shit has gone in cycles; its cool and interesting.  I’m hyped to have been able to see so much.  As far as any changes in our area I wouldn't say anything has changed but the players.  A new generation of skaters are keeping it alive.
Who's been hooking you up and keeping you rollin' as of recent?
Hopps (flow), Pusher Wheels, Helas Caps, Bones bearings, Nike sb, Kinetic Skate Shop.

Cam' Ron or Juelz?
Cam' with the cape on.  

Black Sabbath or Metallica ?
Black Sabbath.  Fairies Wear Boots makes me feel some way. 

Blazers or Dunks?
Blazers stay crispy.

Accels or Sal23's?
I have to roll with my Pops on this one.  Accels. 

Half Cabs or Old-Skools?
Half Cabs are the best looking shoes ever.  Keenan Milton made that shoe look fresh as shit. 

Wiz or American?
It all depends on what kind of mood your in.  I rock The Wiz on my chicken and American on my steak.  Is that weird?

Polo or Nautica?
POLO… Nautica's, not for all of us.  

Any last words Chip?
Do what you want no matter what people think or say.  
Shred until the wheels fall off!  Thank you Mom, Dad, and Erin for being there for me no matter what I love you.  Shout out to my HEADS, the Akers family, and all the homies. Thank you to everyone that’s helped and supported me throughout the years I couldn't thank you enough. STAY UP Gzzz!

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